Thammarat Thai Massage

$45 for a 60 Minute Massage from Thammarat Thai Massage, Ponsonby - Choose From 6 Methods (Value $87.50)

Thammarat Thai Massage Deal
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Thai Traditional Massage (No Oil)
Combination of acupressure, yoga and zen shiatsu. It’s inspired by Buddhist teaching. Thai traditional massage uses the plans of the hands, the thumbs, the elbows and feet of the practitioner.

Thai Traditional Massage (With Oil)
Used if you arrive with sore muscles. The massage is applied with oil along with muscles and tendons and to the acupressure signal points that may help in relaxing tension and easing muscle pain.

Aromatherapy Massage
Relaxing massage with essential oils. It focuses on release of tensions designed to help you have a peaceful, meditative experience.

Coconut Oil Massage
A specialized oil massage taking advantage of the natural qualities of coconut oil that may help in giving your skin a healthier appearance.

Swedish Massage
Is a type of massage aimed at stimulating blood circulation. The technique involves rhythm using a twist of the palm, finger tapping the beat and using the hands to tremble and shake the muscle. This may help with relieving tensions and muscle aches.

Deep Tissue Massage
Is a massage designed to relieve muscle tensions. The technique involves slow massage strokes with deep finger pressure to the muscles and fascia and includes using the elbow to massage.

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