$99 for 2 Hours of Plumbing, Electrical or Gasfitting Services from Foleys

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If you really need convincing...

Look, we all own an optimistic tool kit and have that voice in our heads that says "you've got this, it's going to be f-"ZZZZZAP!

And yes, sometimes that voice is interrupted with a mild electric shock. I didn't know that could happen while tightening a faucet...

Thankfully there is an alternative to DIY and Foleys are the folks for the job. Get 2 hours of plumbing, electric or gasfitting work for just $99!

Plumbing: With over 75 years’ experience in the plumbing business, Foleys' workmanship is matched only by their customer service. Their honest, professional, efficient and courteous plumbers offer an unbeatable service.

Electrical: Foley Electrical give our customers the advantage of streamlined job completion. Their fully-qualified electricians are not only highly competent, honest and efficient, but they also won't keep you waiting.

Gasfitting: Foleys both installs and services gas-powered appliances. Their proven expertise means they’re called upon from builders who work with architects for high-end jobs. When they need specialist gas installation for innovative new buildings, it's the Foley name they trust.

Hit Buy Now to leave it to the experts, thanks to Foleys.

(Yes yes, you still get to change lightbulbs and unblock drains!)