Posh Paws Grooming Salon

From $39 for Professional Dog Grooming Incl. Warm Bath, Blow-Dry, Style Cut, Nail Clipping & More from Posh Paws Grooming Salon, Rolleston

Posh Paws Grooming Salon Deal
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If you really need convincing...

My dear darling Dorothy doesn't ask for much - an occasional treat, a monthly trip to the beach, a neighbour's cat to bark at once in a while.

But there's one thing she always needs, and that is to look fabulous. At all times.

Thanks to the team at Posh Paws Grooming Salon my Dot will not be disappointed. With this offer she will get a warm bath, blow-dry, brush and comb, nails cut and a full haircut all over. Anal gland expressing is available if requested or needed.

Pre-Christmas appointments will book out fast, so please check before purchasing if your date is available! With plenty of parking available in a great Rolleston location, Posh Paws is conveniently open Tuesday - Saturday.

Posh Paws Grooming Salon offers:

Full Grooms
Mini Grooms
Bath and Tidies
Walk In: Nails, Anal Gland Expressing, Face Trims

I can't wait to tell her! Hit Buy Now and please your pooch with some pampering - pronto!