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From $69 for a Carpet Clean for Three Rooms from Active Clean, Options Available for Four, Five or Six Rooms

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If you really need convincing...

Things I Would Rather Do Than Clean My Own Carpets:

Eat a jellyfish
Have a cup of tea with Donald Trump
Watch Two and a Half Men repeats every night for a year

I definitely have to get someone else to do it. And I can, thanks to this great offer from Active Clean! They have eight great options to get your carpets spick and span. 

So why get your carpets cleaned? Regular cleaning will not only help to maintain the appearance of your carpet, but will help to increase its lifespan. Cleaning your carpets is also a great way to help keep your home healthy for you and your family.

Enjoy all the benefits of your clean carpet, professionally treated with special care by Active Clean. Active Clean aims to provide you with best possible service at the very best prices in the carpet cleaning industry. They take great pride in their excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Active Clean is happy to move light furniture (that a single person can move) like chairs, coffee tables, etc - heavy furniture can be moved in advance by you or moved at an extra charge payable to Active Clean.

Hit Buy Now to do what you'd rather be doing, thanks to Active Clean!