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From $99 for In-Motion Super Hair Removal Options from Art + Body Creative Studio

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If you really need convincing...

My cat has it all figured out. When he wants to shed his winter fluff, he just moults. So much moulting. Oh god, it's everywhere.

But I've had a bit of a fuzz situation building up over winter too... and if I want it gone, there's just one place to call!

Art + Body Creative Studio are here with three great options for Super Hair Removal - an innovative new photoepilation technique that destroys hair follicles using less thermal energy than traditional IPL and with less pain. Super Hair Removal (or SHR) is suitable for all hair types, and even works with tanned skin.

Each option includes a complimentary consultation session with Art + Body Creative Studio's trained technicians, who'll help you get the best results out of your treatment. Just pick the option that covers the area you have in mind, and call them to book!

Located in Mt Maunganui, Art + Body Creative Studio is all about celebrating your style. Whether it's beauty services or body art (including permanent and temporary inking with unique tattoo and ta moko design), they celebrate who you are from top to toe.