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$12 for a 4-Pack, $18 for a 6pk or $35 for a 12pk of Petal Cupcakes, Options for In-Store Pick-Up or Online Delivery Available (Worth Up to $55)

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If you really need convincing...

Petal is on a mission to make the world a sweeter place, and with this sweet treat we are 4 - 12 cupcakes closer to achieving that goal!

After more than 10 years as a TV chef for TVNZs Good Morning, founder Laurel is bringing the same high levels of enthusiasm and skill to Petal. All of their recipes are born of creativity, but perfected through round after round of refinement. They put in the hard yards (taste-testing cupcakes is tough work, after all!) so you can enjoy a perfect Petal treat, every time.

Choose from 4, 6 or 12 cupcakes and pick from this incredible list of flavours. There is something for everyone.

Flavour List
Red Velvet Buttermilk: The quintessential American cupcake. This distinctive reddish cake is rich and chocolate-flavoured. We prepare this cupcake with Vanilla cream cheese icing.
Double Chocolate: A rich and dense chocolate cupcake with delicious chocolate icing on top. For all you chocolate lovers.
Salted Caramel: Another favourite. This cupcake is similar to hokey-pokey and caramel. A tad bit salty but luscious and seriously mind blowing!
Golden Syrup: Tastes like toffee, brown sugar and molasses. Sweet and yum.
Passionfruit: A bit sour and tart - like the real thing! Smells divine and fruity - but no seeds.
Tropical Mango: This beautiful cupcake is very refreshing and fruity. Mango never tasted so good. Pretty with distinctive swirled icing.
Black Doris Plum: Deep purple in colour, this rich and lush cupcake is a bit tart and sweet.
Raspberry: Distinctive and pretty. The Raspberry cupcake is swirled with hints of white, pinks or reds. Gorgeous like a summertime rose.
Ripe Strawberry: We describe this cupcake as strawberry ice cream. Perfect choice for kids.
Balsamic & Strawberry: Yum and wee bit acidic - just like real strawberries. Sounds strange but this is the perfect marriage.
Espresso: Coffee lovers Get your coffee cake fix with this delicious classic cupcake. Creamy and fluffy.
Vanilla Milk Chocolate: Can't decide? This delicious cupcake uses a Vanilla cupcake with Chocolate icing. Good choice for kids. You can't really complain - the best of both!
Vanilla: Is a rich, milky and creamy flavoured cupcake. The base is light, fluffy in texture. Paired with Vanilla cream cheese icing. Another good choice for kids.
Lemon Tart: The cupcake is light and fluffy like a Madeira cake. We top this cake with a buttery and sherbet like icing.

Hit Buy to indulge in excellence thanks to Petal.

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