3D Trick Art & Farmside Buffet

$12 for a Child Entry, $17 for an Adult, or $42 for a Family Pass to 3D Trick Art Gallery, Rotorua – Options to incl. Buffet Lunch at Farmside Buffet Available

3D Trick Art & Farmside Buffet Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Make a day of it in Rotorua with today’s entertaining offer! It’s the perfect activity for any weather. Check out more info about each spot below:

3D Trick Art:

This unique gallery enables you to experience the optical illusion of three dimensional structures with two dimensional paintings. Trick art originated from trompe l'oeil (trick of the eye) in 17th century France. It was originally created to entertain guests at high class parties.

It’s located on Fairy Springs Roads, just moments away from Farmside Buffet. Enjoy more than 50 pieces of trick art throughout the 1250 square metre indoor space. Journey through 5 themes: classic art, kiwi life, challenge, fantasy and grand nature.

Farmside Buffet:

Accompany your art experience with a fabulous buffet lunch! Located in a tranquil rural setting, the restaurant is a picturesque stop for lunch.

Fill your plate with delectable delights including roast chicken, steamed mussels, roast veges, fried rice, butter chicken, salads, sushi, desserts and much, much more.

Feed your appetite with a feast to match!