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$139 for 4 Hours or $238 for 8 Hours of Building Services from Old School Builders

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If you really need convincing...

..Saw the table...
...Mum, I don't want mix the paint...


"Honey, you're shouting in your sleep, what ever's the matter? You had a nightmare about fixing the house? You didn't know a saw from a screwdriver? You created a DIY disaster? No wonder you're sweating!"

"Let's put this building matter to bed so we can get some sleep too."

Owned and operated by qualified builder Travis Jansen and his team, Old School Builders provide quality workmanship and excellent service at affordable prices. Travis' main motivation is ensuring people who would usually be unable to afford building services don't have to go without.

All their services include a complimentary six-month check, ensuring their customers are 100% satisfied. Rest assured that with Old School Builders, out of sight is not out of mind, so give them a call today and get your money's worth from this Christchurch business.

Hit Buy Now to turn your DIY nightmare into a get-the-professionals-in dream, thanks to Old School Builders!