ZORB Rotorua

$29 for 1 ZORB Experience on the ZYDRO at ZORB Rotorua (Value $45)

ZORB Rotorua Deal
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If you really need convincing...

They see me rollin'.... they hatin'...

... and frankly, I can't blame them! Who wouldn't get jealous at the sight of me rollin' past in a ZORB - the iconic Rotorua adventure activity of rolling downhill in a huge inflatable globe?

But don't worry, haters. There's plenty of ZORBin' action for everyone! In fact, today's treat from ZORB Rotorua will get you a ZORB experience for less:

ZYDRO - the classic ZORB ride experience. You'll ride down the hill with some water in your ZORB globe (warm water in the winter, cold in the summer). This is the only ride that you can do the extreme tracks on... choose from The Fast Tracks (Fun), The ZigZag (Adventurous) or The Drop (Extreme)!

Anyone from 6 years of age can roll with ZORB, and there's no better way to do it than with this treat. So go on, click Buy Now - we dare you!