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    Wealth Mentor Ltd

    $299 for a Double Pass to The Property Academy – Three-Day Property Education Course on 29 of April (Worth Up To $1,500)

    Wealth Mentor Ltd Deal
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    If you really need convincing...

    Here are some of the many topics you will learn at our Property Academy:

    -Turn your equity into cashflow without risking your home
    -You can build a positive cashflow portfolio through our Fast Property Accumulation Strategy, create real cashflow out of your property purchases
    -Realise your potential & profits in 2016, don't speculate on growth
    -NZ’s property hotspots
    -How you can find off the market deals in today’s hot market
    -Learn how to understand market conditions and predict ebbs & flows
    -Learn how to quit your job and make property your full time income earner
    - Professional investors to take the risk out of property investment, so can you.
    -Understand professional property formula. From basic gross yields, net yields, to cash on cash, return on investment, cashflow forecasting and compounded growth and much more…
    -Open discussions and workshops with real deals your presenters and previous Academy attendees have purchased in the last few months

    And… much much more..


    Excellent information, good people that have or are investors in Property.

    Bruce Thomas

    10/10 Awesome speakers and Crew, undoubtedly knowledgeable in their field.


    Very effective and informative seeing how there are opportunities around us all the time.

    Kris Mansfield

    Excellent - presented every topic/concept in laymans terms and repeated when necessary, willing to field questions.

    Q. What was the important learning for you?

    That I absolutely know very little about property investing in New Zealand and the I needed a bit of help!

    Paola Misa

    Absolutely unassuming, knowledgeable + ultra helpful! The academy felt very warm + Personal - the most productive one I've attended yet! Learning how to work out my equity was an eye opener & a big motivator for me, but I loved all the sessions. There were gems in each one!!!


    10/10 Really good & passionate. Sharp minded. Signalling out one person would be unfair - you were all so good at what you do!


    David was excellent in presenting & with valid examples. Decision without action is just hope. Take action now.


    10/10 They knew what they were talking about and I can see they are genuine in sharing their experiences and wanted to help.

    Pauline Misa

    Great, very passionate, clear at explanation, very helpful.

    Claudia Sidhu

    100/100 perfect, Excellent, loads of good information. Most important learningi Calculating if making a profit or a loss on a property and where not to invest.

    Piran Tolat

    Sorry, this deal has ended!
    Check out our other amazing deals but remember to act fast as they’re only available for a limited time!