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$299 for Feather Touch Microblading Semi-Permanent Eyebrows incl. a Follow Up Appointment from Q Brows at Q Beauty (Value $525)

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If you really need convincing...

I'm sure I was born with full and fabulous eyebrows. But somewhere along the line (1998 perhaps?) the over-plucking has left me a little too dependent on the eye pencil!

Semi-permanent eyebrows are a fantastic solution to feeling browless. Pay only $299 for Feather Touch microblading semi-permanent eyebrows. Whether your brows have suffered from over-plucking, unwanted gaps, hair loss due to ageing or if you just want a new shape and better definition, Feather Touch Brows are a bold and brilliant way to bring them in line with today's trends.

Feather Touch Brows give your face stunning definition. Bold and dark brows are all the rage - but the trick is to get brows that also match your face and personality!

Also known as cosmetic tattooing or micro-pigmentation, this is a very involved treatment that requires absolute attention to detail and hygiene and up to 2 hours for each treatment is allowed in order to achieve this. Feather Touch, or microblading, is manual technique rather than a tattoo machine. Colour is gently and delicately implanted into the skin via the hairstroke technique to create a virtually undetectable beauty enhancement, producing the most natural looks you will ever see in permanent makeup.

All cosmetic tattoos are permanent, however they will fade (especially on facial skin.) How much they fade depends on the technique, your skin's response and your aftercare.

They will spend a large proportion of your appointment time designing and confirming the shape for your Feather Touch Brows. Q Beauty uses a fast acting numbing gel during the treatment, and follows very strict hygiene standards. They have aftercare packs for sale so you know you are doing the best to look after your new brows!

This offer also includes a follow up appointment to ensure you are completely satisfied with your brows.

About Q Beauty

"We take the time to care: We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, quality and making you feel relaxed and happy during your time in the clinic – and satisfied when you leave!

We offer an extensive variety of treatments in a comfortable and modern clinic, which is conveniently located in the south west of Christchurch in the suburb of Hoon Hay. It is within easy travel from the surrounding areas with parking at the rear of the building for your convenience. The building was built new after the earthquakes and Q Beauty was the first in the building – opening the doors early September of 2012. We updated and redecorated the clinic last year and it now reflects our corporate colours of purple and white.

Our treatment rooms are warm & cosy - each has its own heat pump! The beds are adjustable and comfy - they also go up and down – making it extremely easy to get on and off them. We are also wheelchair accessible.

We are members of the ‘New Zealand Association of Beauty Therapists’ and adhere to their strict hygiene standards. We have a very experienced team of therapists."