Six Sense Massages

$35 for a 60min Relaxation, Healing or Sports Massage at a Location Of Your Choosing from Six Senses Massage

Six Sense Massages Deal
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If you really need convincing...

You know what they say, an apple massage a day keeps the doctor away! Except we probably don't have time for one every day. And it's actually good to see the doctor once in a while. I digress.

A massage a day, on occasion, keeps the doctor away is a great idea! Six Sense Massages is here to take your stress away with a 60min massage brought right to your home.

When it comes to a massage, dealing with the stress of finding space in your schedule, getting to your appointment on time and finding parking can be counter-productive. Six Sense Massages offers convenience, safety and comfort of your own home and flexibility in time.

They are a team of experienced massage therapists, coming to you in your home or workplace – anywhere in the greater Hamilton area.