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$49 for a 60min Acupuncture Session, or $169 for 5 Sessions - Treatments Available incl. Tuina Chinese Massage, Cupping, or Ear or Body Acupuncture from Acute Acupuncture (Value Up To $400)

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Acute Acupuncture understands the importance of optimal health and wellbeing. The team values all patients equally, and will strive to provide optimal care that is unique to each individual. Acute Acupuncture will be respectful, committed to quality patient outcomes, professional and adheres to patient and partner safety.

Located on the Terrace, Acute Acupuncture offer a range of treatment approaches. Cupping, Auriculotherapy and Tuina all have their roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where they’ve been an important part of practice for thousands of years. 


Tuina is a form of Chinese medical massage, which can be used for a number of muscular and skeletal problems, including lower back pain, Achilles tendon, rotator cuff injuries, knee problems, sore necks and more. Whether you've got something niggly you'd like to address or just want to relax, this treat could be for you.  


Cupping is the term applied to a technique that uses small glass cups or bamboo jars as suction devices that are placed on the skin. This technique is similar to a deep tissue massage as it releases the fascia and muscles in the area on which it is applied.


Auriculotherapy (or ear acupuncture) is a non-invasive technique using points of the skin of the external ear for pain relief.

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