NZ Shine Cleaning

$49 for a Professional Oven Clean incl. Products, $59 for an Exterior Home Window Clean or $99 for an Exterior & Interior Home Window Clean from NZ Shine Cleaning

NZ Shine Cleaning Deal
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If you really need convincing...

So, it turns out my pavlova-making skills need a bit of work.

To be more specific: my innocent mixture of egg white, sugar, vinegar and cornflour somehow managed to explode violently. And when I say 'violently', I mean 'all over the oven'. And the kitchen floor. And the windows.

Yeah, I don't know how it happened either. But I do know how I'm going to get it cleaned up! I'm clicking Buy Now on this great treat from NZ Shine Cleaning.

They're here with three options for oven cleaning and window cleaning - perfect for getting your house shiny and sparkling clean inside and out!

The friendly team from NZ Shine Cleaning offer a huge range of cleaning services, from carpet cleaning to car grooming and more. On top of this, with this deal they'll travel to you anywhere in Hamilton or Cambridge, so if your place could do with a bit of TLC from the experts, click Buy Now and give them a call!