Espresso Carwash, 14 Locations Nationwide

$25 for an Express Wash, $44 for an Express Wash, Acid Wheel Treatment + Showroom Shine for a Car, or $55 for a Van/4WD from Espresso Carwash, 14 Locations Nationwide

Espresso Carwash, 14 Locations Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh because my car is so dirty I can't see out the windows and that would count as dangerous driving...

Okay I'm not moving too fast in this sleigh. Potentially because there is no snow. Time for plan B!

We can treat ourselves or a friend to an Express Wash OR  Express Wash, Acid Wheel Treatment and Showroom Shine Wax & Polish.

This treat is valid from Boxing Day so why not make it the perfect Christmas gift?

$25 for an Express Wash for a Car/Van & 4WD

  • High-pressure water rinse
  • 100% handwash shampoo and rinse on the outer side
  • Clean wheel arches and wheels
  • Chamois and cotton towel dry
  • Tyres dressed
  • Interior fragrance

$44 for an Express Car Wash, Acid Wheel Treatment & Showroom Shine (or $55 for a Van/4WD)

Showroom Shine, Wax & Polish: Using the state of the art Showroom Shine product, your vehicle will benefit from a wax & polish. The polish helps remove small blemishes as well as leaving your vehicle with a high shine. The wax then protects your vehicles duco and helps retain the high gloss shine from the polish. With the impact of weather extremes your vehicle loses its shine, a wax & polish will restore that new car look and help maintain your vehicle.

Acid wheel treatment: A product that is formulated to remove that baked on brake dust, road grime and tar also getting into those tricky corners on your wheels. Espresso Carwash's special acid wheel treatment is designed to remove 60% more road grime, brake dust and tar splatters than a normal wash.

About Espresso Car Wash:

Discover New Zealand's largest 100% handwash vehicle valet. Espresso Carwash Cafe takes pride in providing the best possible service to both you and your vehicle.

Not only do they wash vehicles by hand, they undertake a variety of other services tailored to meet your needs, including complete detailing, interior shampoo, cut & polish, leather cleaning and conditioning, wax & polish, tar removal, vehicle de-stickering. The list goes on.

Espresso Carwash Cafes promote water saving and environmental conservation by using biodegradable materials. They use only quality products to give your vehicle a clean and polished finish.