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$59 for a 1hr Flight Simulator Experience for up to 2 People, or $109 for a 2hr Flight Simulator Experience with Virtual Flight New Zealand Ltd (Value Up To $250)

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If you really need convincing...

Are you keen to fly through the air with the greatest of ease?

Well, not quite the greatest of ease - after all, there's lots of training involved to become a professional pilot. But imagine the awesomeness of flying an aircraft... I bet it's an amazing feeling.

With today's treat from Virtual Flight, I don't have to imagine! Enjoy the amazing experience and sensation of flying the aircraft of your choice in this Flight Simulator built from the ground up.

By choosing a flight simulator session at Virtual Flight, you can board the aircraft of your choice and choose your favourite destination. Fly from city to city within the simulator, or choose a scenic flying experience over any city in the world. You will be able to practice all the techniques for take-off and landing as it is in an actual commercial jet flight.

Board the flight deck simulator at the central Auckland venue with easy free parking. Come and enjoy this experience alone, with an instructor and/or with a friend or colleague. During your flight simulator experience, you will be the pilot in charge, however, for inexperienced pilots there will be a flight instructor sitting in the co-pilot seat. This ride will truly amaze you with an unforgettable experience on a true-to-life flight simulator.

Virtual Flight Features:

Fully enclosed flight deck

Full functioning avionics, radios, auto-pilots, auto-throttles

180° external visuals in photo realistic quality

Roaring sound of four 66,500 pounds of thrust General Electric next generation engines

Based on real life flight dynamics (MTOW 448,000 kgs)

Fully functional aircraft systems

Fully functional flight management system

Auto-pilot avionic suite

Up to date data bank for IFR / VOR flight

GPS flight tracking

35,000+ airports to fly in and out of

Integrated flight/fuel planner with routes flown anywhere in the world

The ability to fly to any landmark from Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge

Seats 2 pilots on the flight deck

Domestics Airports

All Airports are included, from Kaitaia in the north to Stewart Island in the south.

International Airports

All major international and domestic airports can be flown to and from.

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