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$59 for a Full Service for 1 Car or $109 for a Full Service for 2 Cars from Eden Autos Panel and Paint (Worth Up To $380)

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If you really need convincing...

A full service of my car?

Pfff, that sounds easy as.

I bet I could do that in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. What do I have do?

I mean, yeah, it's a pretty small list:

Check and replace engine oil
Top up fluids under the bonnet
Replace oil filter
Check condition of air cleaner element, hoses and clamps
Check fuel filter
Test battery condition
Check and top up water level, and top up radiator water
Clean and apply protectant to terminals
Check alternator charge rate, operation of lights, indicators and horn
Check dash warning lights
Check radiator hoses
Check inhibitor strength
Check air conditioner cabin filter
Remove wheels and visually check
Check condition of brake hoses and lines
Test brake fluid condition
Check all pads/rotors for minimum thickness and report
Check and adjust handbrake mechanism
Check steering components for excess play and top up power steering fluid
Check and tighten suspension components
Check and adjust wheel bearings
Check and top up oil levels in transmission and differential
Check and top up clutch fluid level
Check CV boots and joints
Check condition and security
Check wiper inserts
Check operation of washers and aim
Check windscreen for damage and clean
Lubricate door, bonnet, boot hinges and strikers
Check seatbelt condition and security
Tidy vehicle interior and vacuum if required
Check for uneven wear, damage and tread depth
Inflate all tyres to correct pressures
Treat with conditioner
Final assessment
Road test vehicle and report
Provide checklist and report on vehicle condition
Visual check spark plugs and cambelt date
Check charging system output
Road test up to 50km/hour
Check central locking system
Check side mirrors, seat cables
Check fuel door cable condition and dickey cable condition


I've changed my mind.

Let's leave this one to the professionals at Eden Autos Panel and Paint. ...I mean, I don't even know what 'CV boots and joints' are.

Hit Buy to get your car a full service, and just think how fortunate we are to have Eden Autos to help us out with it!

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