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$59 for an Extensive Car Service Package for a Standard Car, Or $79 for a European, Diesel or Large 4WD Car (Worth Up To $299)

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If you really need convincing...

I think my car is a bit under the weather. I've tried all the remedies that help me when I'm feeling sickly - warm blankets, hot toddies, eucalyptus - but nothing seems to work.

Guess it's because I'm not a car doctor. I'm not even a people doctor. I'd better call the professionals - time to give the folks at Woff n Fix a buzz!

Service Includes:
Change engine oil up to 5 litres only (Quality Mobil 10w40 Semi Synthetic grade)
Change oil filter
Check brake fluid and top-up
Check clutch fluid and top-up
Check cooling system fluid and top-up
Check power steering oil and top-up
Check washer fluid and top-up
Check wiper blades
Check battery water level and top-up
Check auto trans/gear box oil
Check and clean air filter
Check fuel filter
Check spark plugs (subject to normal accessibility)
Check brake pads/lining for wear
Check tyre pressure
Apply tyre shine
Inspect CV boots
Inspect steering rack boots Inspect shock absorbs for leaks
Inspect suspension components
Inspect engine mounts
Visual check drive belts
Lubricate door hinges and catches
Road test

Note: If any oil/fluid leaks are found top up will not be done on that particular component & quote will be provided for fixing the leak.

Woff n Fix look forward to meeting you and providing top level service for your car. They understand the importance of reliable auto repair, and safety for you and your family. Their technicians always follow factory procedures when performing any repair. They're passionate about providing the highest level of quality service to their clients and their number one goal is customer satisfaction.

If your car needs a bit of TLC, you can't go past the team at Woff n Fix.

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