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$79 for Food Intolerance Testing from Positive Life Balance (Value $188)

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If you really need convincing...

“Lately I've felt burnt-out and bloated, and just BLAH! I've got no idea what's making me feel unwell and I need to find out as soon as possible!”

This is such a common cry that is heard many times a week at Positive Life Balance.

But we've got a treat that could help you take the first step to finding out what foodie bits may be bothering you!

Food intolerance is a big issue that often goes ignored as people often aren’t aware that this can be the cause of their lack of energy, pain, aged look, and weight gain.

Today’s treat from Positive Life Balance offers a great first step in tackling those nagging health issues.

If you experience the following, it could be for you:
• Tiredness
• Physical pain
• Anxiety or stress
• Anger and frustration
• Digestive upsets
• Weight concerns
• Skin problems
• Bloating
• Low self-confidence and esteem
• Learning difficulties or dis-ease in any area of your life

For just $79, you can enjoy a 45 minute session with NZ registered Kinesiologist, Judith Paterson, to work towards identifying and addressing food intolerances that could be causing havoc in your life. Judith aims to help you learn to increase your energy levels so you can feel happier.

Many people express their concerns that unidentified foods seem to lead to them feeling depressed, uncomfortable, bloated and with the inability to concentrate on really important things. In other words: what we put into our bodies can create absolute misery in our day-to-day life.

But…. What foods are causing the problems?

Ever tried to guess what they are, removed them from your diet, and had no real change? No more DIY! This is your perfect chance to try this non-invasive food intolerance testing for yourself.

Take up today’s treat and book early for your 45 minute session with Judith and you could uncover what those troublesome foods may be!