Laserforce Wellington

$8 for 4 Hours of Unlimited Video Arcade Games and Laserforce Action from Laserforce Wellington

Laserforce Wellington Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Achievement Unlocked: Be right in the middle of your very own live-action video game. 

Laserforce Wellington has a state of the art laser tag system and it's time for you to give it a carefully aimed shot. Thanks to this treat, you'll get entry for one person with four hours of unlimited Laser Tag game play in Laserforce, as well as all the video/arcade games that you like. These are awesome treats from a bunch of awesome peeps! I've been here heaps of times and can gleefully say it's a tremendous amount of fun (and also that I am awesome at everything). 

Laserforce is a multiplayer game played in a fully air-conditioned multi-level space-themed maze, with up to 30 people involved. You’ll be briefed on how to play and then suited up with your vest and gun. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hunt down and zap your opponents. You score points by hitting them and special targets. If you get zapped, you’re knocked out of the game for a few seconds, so stealth and some good aim is helpful. As is the eye of the tiger and the thrill of fight. Very important.

They also have over 40 arcade games, including Slam n Jam Basketball, Lets Go Jungle, Virtual Cop 3, Motocross Go bikes, 2 air hockey tables, Daytona USA, Sega Scud car races, Beatmania 2 DX, the ever popular Time Crisis 4, Ghost Squad, House of the Dead II, lots of Prize Claw machines including a Dynomax Giant Crane and Toy Soldiers II crane with Jurassic World Dinosaurs and Minion Movie Toys.

This treat is perfect for those with a sense of adventure and the urge to defeat their friends in a safe fashion (while still getting full gloat privileges).