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$8 for a Chicken Maxi Burger & Fries or $8 for a 3 Piece Country Fried Chicken Dinner Box & Fries from Hot Box Takeaways

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If you really need convincing...

Chicken for dinner? Always a winner!

If you're as passionate about poultry as I am, you'll be pleased as punch about today's treat from Hot Box Takeaways. Enjoy a chicken maxi burger or a 3 piece country fried chicken dinner box. Both options come with fries. Mmm, fries. 

The team at Hot Box Takeaways cook with fresh ingredients and offer service with a big smile and food with a high standard of quality. They're serious about their food hygiene and make sure your food is clean, fresh and of course - delicious!

Click Buy Now and head on down to Hot Box Takeaways.