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$85 for a Comprehensive Vehicle Service & 30 Point Vehicle Service Safety Check for a Japanese 2 Litre Car or $149 for a European 2 Litre Car from Ariyan Auto Limited

Ariyan Auto Limited Deal
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If you really need convincing...

There's a little known place I like to let loose sometimes. Relax. Let my thoughts wash over me. Enjoy a little car-aoke.

There's no place like my car, and I'm prepared to make my love known with this wee treat up my sleeve!

Care for your car with today's great offer from Ariyan Auto. It's important to get your car serviced every 12 months or so, and this great deal comes with a 30 point safety check to ensure you'll be driving safe over the winter months. Check it out:

Safety Checks:

Change engine oil
Change oil filter
Check and top up fluid levels under bonnett
Check drive belts (excluding cambelt)
Check condition of air cleaner element
Check condition of hoses and clamps
Check fuel filter
Test battery condition
Check and top up water level
Clean and apply protectant to battery terminals
Check battery alternator charge rate
Check and top up radiator water level
Check radiator hoses
Check operation of lights, indicators and horn
Check dash warning lights
Visually check brake components
Check condition of brake hoses and lines
Check brake fluid condition
Check all pads/rotors
Check and adjust handbrake mechanism
Check steering components for excess play
Check and top up power steering fluid
Check suspension components
Check wheel bearings
Check and top up oil levels in transmission and differential
Check and top up clutch fluid level
Check CV boots and joints
Check exhaust condition and security
Check wiper blades
Check operation of washers
Check tyres for uneven wear, damage and tread depth
Inflate all tyres to correct pressures
Treat tyres with conditioner (tyre silicone)

Ariyan Auto's mechanics are fully qualified and experienced with over 10 years in the industry -  they know their cars inside and out and can be trusted to complete any automotive repair or WOF in their fully kitted out workshop. They can also offer full diagnostics and can provide auto electrical services if required. European, Subarus and Rotary Engines are their speciality.

Hit Buy Now on today's top offer and make your car feel special, thanks to Ariyan Auto.