$95 for 2 Hours of Electrical Work from a Qualified Electrician from Goodnest

Goodnest Deal
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If you really need convincing...

"My dear Samantha... I've mentioned it on countless post-it notes, but passive aggression seems not to work on you, Samantha. Oh my dearest Samantha, the bathroom light bulb needs changi–."

"I changed it Gerald! A thousand times, I changed it!"

"Then why, why is it still dark in there! It's a hazard Samantha, a serious health and safety hazard!"

"My goodness Gerald! There must be a way to fix th–"

"WAIT. Goodness. Goodness... Goodnest!"

Yes yes yes, Goodnest is here once again to bring peace and harmony to your home with this fantastic offer for electrical work!
Goodnest can take care of faulty switches and fuses, indoor and outdoor lightning, electrical maintenance, alarm installation, re-wiring and heat pump installations.
"Samantha, I'm sorry I ever doubted you."

"Oh Gerald, I forgive you. In fact, I think there might actually be a bit of a 'spark' between us..."

Are Gerald and Samantha destined to be more than just very good flatmates? Tune in next time on My Goodness, Goodnest.