A1 Heat Pump Clean

From $35 for a Heat Pump Clean for 1 or 2 Units from A1 Heat Pump Clean (value up to $163)

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If you really need convincing...

Congratulations! It was touch and go for a while there, but you and your heat pump have made it through the whole year! We did it!

But that doesn't mean your heat pump should stop working! Your heat pump is also a cool pump - meaning it's hip with the kids, but it'll also keep you cool in your house.

A clean, well-maintained heat pump warms or cools air more efficiently, costs less to run, extends the life of the device and is better for you and your family - keep it running smoothly and cleanly with this treat from A1 Heat Pump Clean.

Option 1: Interior heat pump clean and maintenance (indoor unit)
This affordable option helps you maintain and maximise the performance of your heat pump during its hard work over winter.

Option 2: Full heat pump clean and maintenance (1 unit, indoor or outdoor)
This is a deep clean that goes beyond just clearing the filters. The team from A1 Heat Pump Clean have been using a new system called Intensive Sanitation Wash (ISW) in domestic homes to great effect. A clean heat pump can get things warmer, and helps remedy any bad smells or annoying noises by ensuring the heat pump is free of the bacteria and airborne particles that build up over periods of heavy use, especially if there are dogs or cats around.

Option 3: Full heat pump clean and maintenance (2 units in the same house, indoor or outdoor)
Get both your heat pump units sorted out at the same time - a bargain for larger households.

It's hard enough handling the elements without worrying if your heat pump's going to cop out. Just click Buy, call or email to book, and let A1 Heat Pump Clean take care of the rest!

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