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From $1699 for a Fujitsu e3, Hi Wall Premier Plus or e3 Wi-Fi Series Heat Pump or a Ducted Central Heating & Cooling System Supplied & Installed from Auckland Energy Solutions

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If you really need convincing...

A cardigan or open window can’t solve all your temperature problems, so lucky for you today’s deal is here to bring the comfort back to your home!

Enjoy a classic heat pump, the convenience of Wifi functionality, or the efficiency of a ducted system in your home with Auckland Energy Solutions. Your new Fujitsu system will be installed by the experienced team of registered electricians and accredited installers.

The classic series heat pumps ($1699 & $2499 options) feature a low noise mode for the outdoor unit and a power diffuser to automatically adjust to optimise the heating or cooling modes. The easy-to-use controllers have both a 7-day and sleep-timer (to adjust to your sleeping patterns).

The Hi-Wall Premier Plus ($1999) features a built-in 7-day timer, so you just need to set and forget. Its human sensor infrared technology senses human presence (and not just movement). So it will switch to saving operation 20 minutes after people leave the room, and it's super quiet!

The Wifi edition models ($1990 & $2649 options) can be operated from your smartphone! One mobile device can control up to 24 indoor units using the easy app. The app features handy icons to control your heat pump from anywhere at any time. Finally you can ensure your home is at a comfy temp by the time you walk through the front door.

Or opt for the ducted system ($5999) to enjoy comfy temperatures throughout multiple spaces in your home. The indoor unit is discreet, while the heated or cooled air is circulated via a network of ducts in your ceiling or floor cavity.

Comfort doesn’t have to be a duvet, sweater and beanie away - just nab this deal today!