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From $19 for 3 Maths, Science or English Tutoring Sessions from Bay Tutoring, Options via Skype or In-Person Available (Value Up To $90)

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If you really need convincing...

NCEA year coming up? Make sure your teens can hit the ground running and get a head start this year with this great offer from Bay Tutoring!

They offer lessons in maths, the sciences (physics, biology, chemistry) and English, and you can get them via Skype, or in person.

Skype Lessons
Can't make it to them or vice-versa? Skype lessons are a convenient and affordable way to access tutors. Keep the cost of a quality education to an incredibly low level with this excellent Skype service, available nationwide.

One-on-one lessons give you the perks of having a tutor all to yourself. Your tutor will be able to plan lessons exclusively based on your needs, and you will also have their support outside of your lessons.

This offer includes an initial consultation to assess your child's learning needs. Bay Tutoring will do an evaluation test and use that to make a plan going forward - and they'll adapt it as they go, as what each student needs can change quickly.

Bay Tutoring's goal is to bring affordable tuition to more people in more places around New Zealand! Each of their tutors is evaluated and trained to help their students achieve their best. Bay Tutoring's tutors are supported by an ever-increasing bank of high quality resources including worksheets, homework and practice tests, all designed to support and extend the New Zealand Curriculum.

Hit Buy Now for a top tutoring treat thanks to Bay Tutoring.

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