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From $59 for Lawn Care Options incl. Weed Spraying, Lawn Boost & Pest Spray from EcoTec LawnFix

EcoTec LawnFix Deal
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If you really need convincing...

Feeling forlawn about the goodness of your grass? The LawnFix team has the fix!

EcoTec's LawnFix team has five fabulous options for your lawn to get it healthy, luscious and weed- or pest-free. Each of these options is valid for sections of up to 500sqm (based on total section size, not lawn size).

Option 1 and 2 Weed Spray & Lawn Boost (Fertiliser)

This will be completed during one visit. Using the Lawn Doctor, the weed spray is completed firstly, followed by the fertiliser that is applied by a walk behind spreader.

Within 10-14 days you can expect the weed to begin curling up and start to die. To maximise the effects of the fertiliser, the property owner should apply water afterwards - should it not rain.

Option 3 Pest Spray
All dogs and pets must be locked away. Animals to be kept off the lawn for 24hrs post treatment. If you choose a pest treatment, your neighbours must be informed before it can be applied. EcoTec will provide a letter to give to your neighbours, which you are responsible to provide them under legal obligation.

Option 5 Weed Spray & Lawn Boost (Fertiliser) & Pest Spray

The pest spray will be applied firstly and then 10-14 days later we will return to complete the weed and fertilise spray.

EcoTec LawnFix caters for all your lawn needs - they do everything but mow them!

They can sow amazing looking new lawns and also transform existing patchy, weedy, prickly, mossy and unsightly lawns into luxuriant, lush green lawns... and keep them looking that way all year long.

With just one call they will be there ready to fix your lawn problem!