From $59 for Up To 90mins of Sensitivity-Free (NZ FernMark Accredited) Laser Teeth Whitening, Option incl. Take-Home Whitening Kit Available from LOVELYSMILES, Newmarket (Value Up To $950)

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If you really need convincing...

Wish those pearly whites were living up to their name?

Well Lovely Smiles are here to help!

Get those teeth looking amazing once more with 3 options depending on your needs. This treatment can bring back the whitest smile you've seen in a long time. LOVELYSMILES Newmarket backs their confidence in their product with a money back guarantee.

There are 5 great options available. Check out the tabs for more information on the 20 Minute Package, 60 Minute Package, the 75 Minute Package, the 90 Minute Package and the Take-Home Whitening Kit.

A consultation is time spent with a patient discussing the whole process and more specifically to each individual. They will check the shades and condition of the oral cavity and assess how and what is best for the optimal results. This generally takes about 15mins.

A treatment is a 15-20 minute session in which their own specially formulated gel is administered with a light activation to break down the stains on the teeth. Multiple treatments are within a package (over 20mins).

LOVELYSMILES is a member of the NZCTWA (New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association), which ensures that your treatment complies with regulations set by the Ministry of Health and the EPA. Their aestheticians are registered practitioners.

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