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From $80 for 3 Months' IPL Hair Reduction from Joss IPL Hair Removal & Beauty

Joss IPL Hair Removal & Beauty Deal
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If you really need convincing...

I'm planning a long and illustrious career as an Olympic swimmer and nothing can slow me down! 

Except my leg hair. I think it's waging some kind of counter attack. Problem is, after the Woeful Wax War of '05 and the Rebellious Razor Rampage of '11, I'm having a hard time getting rid of it. 

Thank goodness for Joss IPL Hair Removal & Beauty. They've got these fantastic options on IPL hair reduction that'll have my legs smooth, silky and ready to race.

Treatments are based on a 4 weekly circle so this treat will last for 6 months. Please note this treat is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. 

Joss IPL Hair Removal & Beauty is located in a private home based salon. They also offer tattoo removal and hair services - check them out on Facebook!

Goodbye, traitorous leg hair and hello to Olympic gold!