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From $99 for 3 Sessions of Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal from SkinDeep Cosmetic Laser Clinic

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If you really need convincing...

I feel like I've reached the limits of my creativity with my head hair - let's see what I can do with my armpit hair! Now, what should I try first... Rockabilly quiff? Emo fringe? Noodle perm?

Ahhhh, who am I kidding. I just want it gone! And fortunately for me, SkinDeep Cosmetic Laser Clinic is offering 3 sessions of first-class medical grade laser hair removal!

With options for underarms, bikini line or half a back (great for guys!), and with some of the best medical grade hair removal technology on the market, SkinDeep is your go-to for when you just want that hair gone. At their great Jackson Street location, their friendly, extensively trained staff will make sure your treatments are safe, stress-free and effective.

To say fare-thee-well to unwanted hair (with some of the best and most effective equipment around), click Buy Now and give SkinDeep a call!