From $99 for an Outdoor PVC Blind from Covaflex (9 Sizes Available)

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If you really need convincing...

If salted caramel and convertibles have taught you anything, it’s that you can definitely have the best of both worlds! Enjoy the best of the indoors and the outdoors with today’s deal!

A PVC blind is the perfect way to enjoy a deck or patio while staying protected from the breeze or rain. It’s perfect for creating extra outdoor space for the kids to play! Plus, you can install it yourself! Your blind will come with easy instructions so you can install it with little fuss.

Along with your required measurements, just email Covaflex with your choice of side trim colour: black, white, grey, blue or green. Your blind will be shipped to you 4-6 weeks after redemption - easy!

Discover the convenience of the indoor outdoors with today’s sensational offer!