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From $999 for an Iron Roof Restoration Package incl. Moss & Mould Treatment, Roof Wash, Minor Repairs, 2 Top Coats + More from Pete's Property Care

Pete's Property Care Deal
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If you really need convincing...

"Raise the roof?" What does that even mean?

I'm not down with the hip kids and their slang... but now I'm thinking about my roof. And all the things it does for me. It keeps me dry when it's raining, it keeps me cool when it's sunny - it looks after me an awful lot.

Time to say "thanks, Roof!" with Pete's Property Care. This iron roof restoration package includes a waterblast, two topcoats, minor repairs, gutter wash and a mould & moss treatment to keep your roof looking clean and tidy for ages. For a full list of what's on offer, check out the 'Inclusions' tab above.

Pete's Property Care boasts 30 years' experience and offers a 10 year guarantee. They use quality materials and paint - almost any colour can be done!

Okay guys, I've looked it up and it turns out "raise the roof" means "make a great deal of noise, especially through cheering".

Alright then. Three cheers for my roof! Three cheers for Pete's Property Care! Whoooooooooo!