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$145 for a Full Body Skin Check & MoleMate™ Dermoscopy Skin Assessment from Koru Clinic

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If you really need convincing...

When it comes to unchecked moles and skin, it's not hard to connect the dots.

Seriously, I got a vivid and joined all the dots on my stomach and guess what it said?

"See a professional and get us checked."

I can't argue with my moles, so I'm picking up today's treat from Koru Clinic and their Full Body Skin Check & MoleMate™ Dermoscopy Skin Assessment.

MoleMate™ is the latest technological advance in dermoscopy. It uses a Siascope dermal imaging camera which enables the doctor to examine a skin lesion or mole in several high definition views and cross sections, to a depth of 2mm below the skin’s surface.

It has proven to be highly effective in assisting doctors to detect and diagnose skin cancers and also to reassure patients whose moles and lesions are not suspicious.

Koru clinic's medical and registered nursing staff work together with beauty therapists, to assess your skin and develop a treatment plan to suit you.

Hit Buy Now to get the skinny on your skin, thanks to Koru Clinic!