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From $39 for iPhone, iPad or Samsung Repairs incl. 3 Month Warranty from Let's Fix It (value up to $239)

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If you really need convincing...

There seems to be an inverse relationship between how much you pay for a cellphone and how long it lasts.

I once had a neon green Nokia brick that I bought off a friend for $20. It survived years of serious wear and tear, and only died when the number pad literally fell off.

The phone I replaced it with cost me hundreds of dollars and lasted about a month before it got slightly damp and the screen stopped working. Whoops.

Fortunately, damaging your device doesn't mean it's curtains for your precious electronic companion - just get it fixed with this great treat from Let's Fix It!

Here's how it works: Click Buy to look at and purchase the treat that matches your device's model and damage, then courier it to Let's Fix It or drop it off at their Takapuna store. They'll fix it up and send it back to you as soon as it's done. Couldn't be simpler!

With this treat, Let's Fix It is offering to fix problems including:

  • Home Button / Battery / Back Cover Replacement for iPhone 4/4s
  • Power Button Replacement/ Battery/ Charge port replacement for iPhone 5
  • Full Screen Replacement for iPhone 4/4s
  • Glass Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4
  • Glass Replacement for Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 Mini
  • Home Power button/ Charging port replacement for iPhone 5
  • Glass Replacement iPad 2/3
  • Glass Replacement for iPad 4/Mini
  • Full Screen Replacement for iPhone 5s
  • Glass replacement for iPad Air
  • iPhone 4/4S Power Button/Changing Port

Let's Fix It's team will fix the problem you've indicated, and they'll also give it a check for any other problems that the damage may have caused. They also offer a 3 month warranty on all their repairs, so you can leave your valuable device in their expert care with complete confidence.

Don't despair over a banged-up device - click Buy and Let's Fix It!

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