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If you really need convincing...

Every morning in my shower is like a re-enactment of Gorillas in the Mist. Except it's not a gorilla - it's just my husband's exceptionally hairy shoulders. And it's not mist that's obscuring your vision - it's a thick layer of soap scum and hard water stains all over the shower glass! Gross.

Dealing with stained and scummy shower glass can be a real headache. No matter how long you spend scrubbing it, you end up with the glass looking no better than when you started. Fortunately, there's a smarter way to get your shower glass sorted: this treat from Neil Brown.

Neil Brown will come to your house and deal with the build up of soap scum, calcium spots and mineral deposits, leaving your shower glass sparkling. This treat is great for preparing a property for sale, or simply for breathing new life into a tired bathroom.

The only drawback: after buying this treat, my hubby's hairy shoulders will be even more visible through the crystal clear glass. Oh well. One problem at a time.