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    $229 for 10 Hours of House Cleaning in Wellington from OrendaClean

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    If you really need convincing...

    Doing things yourself might seem thrifty, but I like to take the broader view. For a thoroughly unpleasant task like, say, de-clogging the shower drain, I factor in the value of my labour (at least $20 an hour), the equipment needed ($10 for a long pair of tongs and a thick pair of gloves) and compensation for the mental scarring caused by the sight of the huge, dripping hairball I pulled out of the shower trap (roughly $1.82 million, give or take a few thousand).

    When you think about it like that, you can't afford not to have someone take care of those little inconveniences for you - and today's treat comes at a price that even the most serious bargain hunter will love.

    Treat Me regulars Wellington House Cleaners have joined the team at OrendaClean, and to celebrate they're offering this great treat: get 10 hours of house cleaning, focusing on the areas and tasks you choose, for just $229. This consists of a 4 hour 'spring clean' session, followed by three 2 hour followup sessions.

    OrendaClean's Tailor Maid Service means you can order the clean to your specific tastes and timetable. Living room, bedroom, or bathroom - they can clean any room in the house, and they'll tailor your clean to the services you nominate. They even supply all the equipment needed, so you can relax and use your time for more productive things... like having a Sunday morning sleep in, playing with the kids or reading that book you've been meaning to get to. You know, the important stuff.

    This treat is for 10 'man hours', meaning that you may get 1 professional for 10 hours total, or 2 professionals for 5 hours total. Your first 4 hour clean must be booked and used by May 29.

    OrendaClean provides a professional, reliable cleaning service to suit your life. Their goal is to take care of the cleaning so you can spend more time living. OrendaClean works only with cleaners that understand their philosophy and are committed to doing the best job possible. All staff are police checked and go through NZQA training in cleaning and care taking.

    Here are just some of the services OrendaClean can provide:

    • Bathrooms (shower/bath, vanities, toilets, floors)
    • Floors (vacuum carpeted areas, mop/sweep hard surfaces, vacuum under couch cushions, professional carpet cleaning)
    • Kitchens (wipe bench, sink, stove top, large appliances, cupboard doors; deep clean microwaves, ovens (must be pre-sprayed the night before clean), fridge/freezers)
    • Home Care Cleaning:
      • Ironing shirts
      • Empty rubbish bins
      • Dishes
      • Changing bed linen

    Your time is valuable. You could spend it scrubbing toilets and mopping floors... or you could spend it doing the things you love. Clicking Buy and let OrendaClean take care of the rest.

    Sorry, this deal has ended!
    Check out our other amazing deals but remember to act fast as they’re only available for a limited time!