From $99 for a Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Treatment, Options for Eyeliner, Eyebrow Microblading or Full Lips Available, or $25 for a Brow Shape & Powder/Pencil Colour from Agraceu, Newmarket (+ 30% Off Your Second Semi-Permanent Makeup Appointment)

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If you really need convincing...

With those smears and smudges, you can’t convince anyone you were going for a “smokey look”! Create a look that sticks with today’s offer!

See more information about the semi-permanent options below:

Eyeliner Treatment:

Eyeliner can help in creating the illusion of more lifted, wider, smaller or more rounded eyes. Agraceu can help you with deciding the right eyeliner style for you.

This treatment is ideal for those with oily skin who tend to see their makeup run or smudge, those with thinning eyelashes, those with makeup allergies or those who hate the daily liner application!

Eyebrow Treatment:

Grace uses your face shape to determine the ideal angle and thickness for your arches. Your brows are designed to suit your face and measurements, with every design being unique to the individual.

It’s suitable for men and women and great for those with sparse or thinning brows, those who have difficulty drawing in their brows and those who want avoid the smearing and smudging of eyebrow makeup.

Lip Treatment:

This semi-permanent treatment can help to enhance the shape of your lips, creating an appearance of fullness. Your natural lip line imperfections can be corrected or changed for a more even look.

Great for those who have uneven lips, those who have lost colour with ageing and those who want to avoid lipstick! Immediately after the procedure, the lip colour looks just like lipstick but over the following weeks this will become 40-70% lighter (individual results will vary).

Agraceu is conveniently located in Newmarket and is equipped with high quality machinery and products for superb semi-permanent makeup. Agraceu uses only top quality equipment for every appointment!

Freshen up your look and snap up your voucher today!