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    e-Pics Productions

    From $15 to Convert a VHS Tape, Video Camera Tape or 8mm Reel to DVD, or Vinyl Records or Cassette to CD from e-Pics Productions, 5 Options Available (Value Up To $80)

    e-Pics Productions Deal
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    Tape / Film to DVD:

    Whether it's the Blockbuster That Never Was that you filmed during your uni years, or that soon-to-be-fantastic-at-their-21st footage of your kids as babies, your old tape-based memories really are priceless. But they won't be timeless until you've stopped their inevitable demise.

    Bring old memories back to life to share with family and friends for years to come, with the help of e-pics Productions. They have vast experience converting any format to DVD and have invested in the latest professional transferring technology.Today that technology gets you one tape transferred to DVD for just $15 (+ shipping) back to you.

    Home videos are pretty fragile - just playing them causes damage. Even if stored correctly, movies on film may only last 10-15 years before decaying. That means millions of home videos are nearing the end of the road. It's a sad time but your memories don't have to fade away with them. Let e-pics convert your personal videos to DVD format, preserved and protected for generations of your family and friends to watch and enjoy.

    Video tape types they can transfer for you:




    VHS C

    VIDEO 8


    HI 8


    Movie / Cine Film formats they can transfer for you

    Super 8mm

    Standard 8 / Regular 8

    All types of vinyl records and any Music Cassette Tapes

    Each tape or reel is transferred to a single DVD. Top of the line Verbatim archival DVD-R discs are used for playback on any DVD/Bluray player or computer. When you send your video and camcorder cassettes or film reels to e-pics for transfer to DVD, Fastway Couriers will return your original videos and the archival DVDs with your transferred footage, with signature on delivery (return delivery cost of $10 applies).

    If you're unsure about anything, ring Mark at e-pics on 06 355 0080.

    Please ensure you only send in your personal video - no Hollywood pirates here, me hearties!

    Vinyl Records or Cassette Tapes to CD:

    If it's your vinyl records and music cassette tapes that are worse for wear, they can convert them to CDs too! Today's treat will ensure that you can listen to your old favorites for years to come!

    For $15, the team at e-pics Productions will convert your vinyl or cassette tapes to a CD. You can buy a bundle of vouchers to get a good chunk of your collection transferred at once. Each CD can hold up to 90 mins worth of audio and each record of cassette tape is transferred to a single CD.

    Your records and tapes will be recorded to Verbatim 700 MB CD-Rs.

    As time goes by, the audio quality of your tapes and records will degrade, but with this treat you can archive them before they become unsalvageable. e-pics Productions can transfer all types of vinyl records 7, 10 and 12 (33, 45 & 78 rpm Speeds), and any cassette tape.

    Don’t let your memories fade away - let e-pics transfer them to CD or DVD so they last forever.


    Sorry, this deal has ended!
    Check out our other amazing deals but remember to act fast as they’re only available for a limited time!