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$279 for a Full House Exterior Maintenance Package from Taylored Holmes (value $750)

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If you really need convincing...

Missing: self-cleaning house. Last seen bursting through its containment fence and heading for the hills. If found, do not approach - contact Horatio Hensley via Treat Me customer service and a pickup team will be dispatched.

As you can probably tell, humanity's search for the ultimate self-cleaning house is still at the 'highly experimental' stage, despite the best efforts of Treat Me's research division.

But we needn't despair for our homes' cleanliness while Horatio and his team attempt to recover their wayward house. Taylored Holmes are here to help!

With today's treat, you can get the next best thing to a self-cleaning house - a full home maintenance package for a 2-3 bedroom house (single or double storey, up to 150m²).If your house is bigger than 150m² or more than 3 bedrooms please call Louis on 0508 4 House Wash for a individual quote.

Your package includes

  • A full exterior house wash (low pressure/soft detergent wash)
  • Exterior window wash
  • Gutter clearing
  • Roof treatment
  • Optional extra: $100 for up to 50m² of water blasting for your drive way, paths, fences, decks and patios (payable directly to Taylored Holmes)

Taylored Holmes specialise in exterior house washing across Auckland. They offer both low and high pressure exterior washes using a bio-degradable, citrus-based solution that's designed to be safe around your pets and children.

Hit Buy to give your house the maintenance package it deserves, thanks to Taylored Holmes!

And if you see our runaway house, keep well clear. It has very good personal hygiene, but very poor interpersonal skills.